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What our customers are saying

“I really appreciated the gesture. So much more than a plastic keyring or pen.” 

“Using Appreci was one of the best decisions. It was very easy and fun to use it for sending birthday appreciation gifts to my friends and family. It takes me a few minutes to send the gift with personal audio or video. I love it!” 

“So simple to send and brings so much fun while receiving. Appreci is my best gifting experience so far.”

“Appreci was my discovery of the year. It is the most enjoyable way to send instant gifts to friends, especially when they are far away.” 

“Appreci is really easy to use. Our company members enjoy sending and receiving personalised appreciation gifts with or without purpose.” 

“Working on the overall mental health of our employees is of the highest importance for our company. Appreci gave us the opportunity to celebrate special moments of our employees by sending them appreciation gifts directly through Microsoft teams.”

“Appreci is really clever. Everyone likes it. It’s just so simple… A 30-second interaction that leaves a lasting impression.”